While best known for ‘We Are One’ with Pegboard Nerds, the trio known as Splitbreed have somewhat flown under the radar with a host of quality remixes and originals. One record in particular, ‘Collide’, a collaborative effort with Hellberg and Deutgen, caught my attention from the very first play, and now just a few months after its original release, Monstercat is back again with a slew of remixes that reinterpret the original in all the right ways.

First up, UK producer, Astronaut, and Monstercat favorite, Barely Alive team up to create a remix that kicks the EP off with a massive bang! Cranking up the energy of the original with resonating vocals and an infectious melody that ultimately builds and drops into an expertly crafted ensemble of tight drums and growling bass. Definitely a stand out remix here.

Interpreting the tune in a completely different direction, Revolvr’s rendition of the “Collide” comes in the form of a fully trapped out remix for the ages. Pitching down the vocals  over a drop of momentous sub bass and lasers, Revolvr’s remix shatters the stigma of expectations for just another token trap remix. 

Stilletto‘s remix feels a lot like Au5 and I.Y.F.F.E‘s remix of  ‘Tonight’ by Stereotronique & Sebastian Ivarsson. It’s a solid remix that combines crunchy and gritty bass with the original vocal samples giving the original a fresh spin and sound.

In Charity Strike’s remix, there’s buildups and drops and slow downs at various points before amping up the energy again. Also notable was the way the vocals were chopped up in the song making for an interesting twist on the original. Sadly, it just felt a bit too generic and big room house to really grab me.

Insan3lik3, known for very funky productions filled with groove, delivers just that that on his remix of ‘Collide’. There’s a real fun and funky feel to this remix which brings a uniquely fresh and different sound to the original.

Tut Tut Child delivers giving the original a full dubstep makeover. The bass is dynamic and growls intense as the tons of wobbles alongside signature Tut Tut Child melodies intertwine with the original’s.

There’s also an instrumental of the original song included alongside the remixes and if you loved the original song and wanted to hear some different takes on it, the remix EP is recommended. Be sure to pick it up on bandcamp and beatport!