If you’ve ever had aspirations to take over the Dubstep game and perfectly exhibit what the new generation of producers can do, stop right now because Melamin is damn near close to doing just that. The Russian Producer has shown no signs of stopping his conquest and with his Empire EP being released on the explosive Firepower Records, his range as ruler will only expand.

Starting off with ‘Overjoyed’, a wondrous blend of old school and new come blasting through the speakers, longtime fans of Dubstep will rejoice and welcome their new leader. The title track is really where it all comes together perfectly and leaves nothing else to be desired. I advise against excessive headbanging, although if you listen to ‘Empire’, it’s seems to be impossible, it’s that good. Picking up the pace, ‘Shoot Me’ seems to fit flawlessly as the third track in this hard hitting EP. ‘Shoot Me’ focuses more on the deeper frequencies of Bass so not only does it sound hard, it hits damn hard too. Last, but absolutely not least, is a stellar remix of Datsik’s collaboration with Messinian, ‘Automatik’. As this comes at the end of the EP, it certainly does a superb job at helping the EP come to a close; what better way to end your EP than with your remix of a Datsik tune. Perfect.

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