Through projects such as Electric Family, Tiesto’s work with (RED), and many others, the EDM industry has often utilized its huge and caring fan base to support various causes that better the global community. Yesterday, we learned of Glitch Mob member Justin Boreta’s work with Soma and charity:water.

Boreta traveled to Ethiopia with Soma to learn about charity:water’s work. His new track, “Honey Heart,” aims to bring awareness to the cause of this nonprofit, which focuses on providing access to clean drinking water for people in developing nations.

The four-minute track will definitely please fans of the Glitch Mob’s signature sound. Featuring recorded sounds from his trip, the song launches into an uplifting melody that soon breaks down into a glitchy rhythm.

On his Soundcloud, Boreta has shared the intentions behind the song.

Earlier this year, I visited Ethiopia with Soma and charity: water. I was asked to use music to convey what we saw: the struggle of villages without clean drinking water and the triumph of every community transformed through the gift of water.

In the video below, Boreta discusses the making of “Honest Heart.” To support the cause, download the track on iTunes (proceeds go to charity:water) and find out more about charity:water here.