The bears are back, and this time they are showcasing an entirely new assortment of tools and weapons at their disposal. While a majority of their fans might have fallen in love with Teddy Killerz for their signature hard hitting, Drum n’ Bass tunes, everyone is in for a surprise today.

Falling in line with what seems like a trend now, the Russian Trio Teddy Killerz have been releasing experimental/alternative tracks via Skrillex’s imprint, OWSLA. While it’s not too surprising that content released on OWSLA may be a tad bit different than any other label out there, it is surprising to see the amount of support the murderous bears have been receiving on their OWSLA content. I think we can all agree that if your fan base is most familiar with you as a producer of DnB content and they still support your work despite it’s interesting change, you have a quality fan base and an amazing talent for music.

All of the above really is apparent with their new Teddy Massacre EP and the music itself is truly divergent from their original music. So much so that when the funky intro track “Cult” began playing in the background on iTunes, I had to double-check to confirm that it was indeed new Teddy Killerz. While slightly surprising, hearing the sub bass, as well as feeling, it massage your ears truly adds to admiration for producers who’ve truly mastered a complex art of bass. Next up, ‘Teddy Massacre” begins with a sample of a childish theme song that then distorts into what seems like a surprising find of a murder scene; shortly after, vivid drums come pounding through the speakers, pulling together a wonderfully dark theme for the track. Beatport may say that Teddy Massacre is a “Glitch Hop” track, but I feel that it’s risen above basic definition and genres.

It’s quite possible that the entirety of this release can be summed in those words: “I feel that it’s risen above basic definition and genres”. To be able to release new, thought provoking and inspirational music while still making it feel natural, is a ver special gift. Truly, Teddy Killerz have progressed, nay, have set their place among the new age of Bass Producers who have so craftily blended together genres that it ceases to become something definable. In the end, it’s just good f*cking music.

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