Here’s the itinerary: first we’re going to get ourselves into Emperor‘s Jackhammer EP and then we can move on to a track that was made in less than an hour and a half with “Phamel Cat” and might I add that single is to die for? Before that happens though let’s get into one of the most interesting EP’s released in recent times.

To try and sum up all four tracks from the Inspected Records release in one concise statement would be difficult, maybe impossible, but the most representable claim would be that they are a beautiful combination of glitch-hop and trap. The UK producer goes hard with production quality similar to the likes of any of the producers that you listen to currently. His drum & bass roots are apparent with some of the various sounds he utilizes, but these tunes overall are much chiller. I cannot get enough of this, whether it be the title track kicking off the EP, the trap anthem of “Foreward” or the two songs in between. Amazing; and after that, there’s more!

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Some of you are probably wondering how someone makes an entire song in an hour and twenty minutes, but it can be done. Emperor was challenged to do this so he created “Phamel Cat” to prove his talents. He set up a a livestream and busted out the drum & bass tune in that short amount of time and how he managed to create something so good, I haven’t the slightest idea. You can watch him make the tune below as well as stream and download the track for free.

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