It’s Friday and that means it’s high time to forget about your nine to five. Get ready to get loud this weekend with our Weekend Warmup. We’re bringing you some fine pump-up mixes to get ready to get weird to. Let’s cut the chat, it’s Friday after all you’ve got better things to do tonight than read.

1. Behind The Iron Curtain 121 with UMEK

Very few in the industry have a finer music taste than UMEK groove with this Slovenian Tech-master to set the vibe right.

2. Felix Cartals Weekend Workout Episode 090

Some workout advice for your weekend workout!


3. Fool’s Gold Radio 23 – A-Trak & Nick Catchdubs

You’ve got time to take a quick disco nap to make sure you’re on your funky fresh game tonight, get down.

4. Lez Twerk – Reid Speed & DJ Annalyze

We recognize talent pure and simple. Get your twerk on with these lovely and talented ladies. Run the trap!

5. The Mat Zo Mix 007 – Mat Zo


Party hard, party safe!