I recently came across a video in which a group of admittedly very rude girls get absolutely dropped during a Dada Life set. I have to say, at the very very least, I’m disappointed, borderline disgusted. You can watch the video below, and you probably should, before reading any further.

As someone who has worked and been in dangerous environments and has an OSHA certification, I’m incredibly disappointed that this situation arose, and how this event transpired. Firstly, it was incredibly rude and irresponsible for those girls to have put themselves on top of unstable trashcans to get a better view to everyone around them’s detriment. Obstructing their fellow festival-goers’ view was the least dangerous thing that happened in this occurrence. However. Everyone in their vicinity had an undeniable right to be angry, but no one, and I repeat, no one had the right to forcibly and dangerously remove them from that situation. Laugh all you want, tell me I’m overreacting, but fatal falls have been documented from heights less than four feet, despite the fact that these people were wearing hard hats and protective gear. Judging by common sense, high-waisted shorts and flowers don’t qualify as protective gear.

Kicking the trashcans out from under them was a deplorable way to deal with that situation. Sure this sort of selfish behavior has no place at a festival, but escalating the situation to near violence is disgusting. Those girls could have been seriously and permanently injured, or even worse, killed. Even if the fall wasn’t fatal it could have left them permanently paralyzed or facing other lifelong disabilities. Talk all you want about how they “deserved it,” no one deserves to live the rest of their lives with that sort of injury or disability.

Usually we have to bring up the issue of drugs and harm reduction at EDM events, but now it’s a high time to talk about your physical safety and that of others at live events. If you even adhere to the slightest to the values of PLUR or common human decency, you know that you have a distinct responsibility to watch out for your fellow humans and ravers. Your failure to do so can result in terrible outcomes. Serious injuries and deaths falls on the heads of our culture’s image, and is nearly always a direct liability to the event organizer. Think about that absolute brainless imbecile, Greg Tecozwho climbed the tower at TomorrowWorld. He not only endangered himself, but he endangered those below him. In the event of him falling, hitting someone on his way down is not only plausible, but very likely that they would have been killed. His behavior was not only wildly selfish but completely asinine and this is coming from a twenty-two year old who has done his fair share of jumping off of roofs and other childish behaviors. Remember what happened at Creamfields Sydney 2012

Just like the EDC fence jumpers, all of these people didn’t fully understand the consequence of their actions. You didn’t build the safety riggings, you don’t understand their operating loads, and most likely, you are too caught up in the moment to realize what could happen if your actions we’re to result in a structural failure or a serious fall. At the very least, those dumb trashcan girls could have fallen and sprained an ankle. But all it takes to turn a minor fall into a life altering event is a couple degrees of rotation and some bad luck. Damn right I’m mad about this. You all should be. I’m not a huge fan of involving any sort of authority figure whether it be the police or event staff, but the proper thing to do in this case would have been to grab a security guard and have them handle the situation. This sort of DIY justice could have ended in absolute tragedy. It only takes one broken neck to have your ass sued into oblivion or even face criminal charges.

So for everyone out there cheering on the gentlemen who so bravely kicked the trash cans out from under those girls, grow up. Accidents happen and sometimes with very serious results. Be conscious of your safety and the safety of others. As much as it may kill your vibe not climbing scaffolding towers or trashcans, doing so endangers you and others around you. We’re all there to have a good time, so please take the time to realize that it can happen to you and your buddies. Don’t be a fool; party hard, but god damn it, party smart.