If you were to guess what 13 DJs had the highest income for the 2013 year, I’d imagine you would come pretty close to getting them all; although there are a couple surprises on the list compiled by Forbes. The ones that are already a given without any guesses are the top two, Calvin Harris and Tiësto, who previously made the list of highest paid musicians. Who else made the DJ list though?
The men comprising this list range from making $46 million to $13 million, but whether or not you agree with how deserving they are, they still made bank. Obvious names like Deadmau5, Armin Van Buuren, Afrojack, Diplo and David Guetta (unfortunately again) made the list, but there were two surprising acts who found themselves with such high incomes. Despite breaking up earlier in the year, Swedish House Mafia made enough money to crack the top 5. Next comes a name that will disappoint many ravers and that is Pauly D. Luckily he only tied with Diplo at the bottom, but c’mon, how is that happening? Anyways, frustrations aside; the full Forbes list can be found below along with each artists income.
1. Calvin Harris – $46 million
2. Tiësto – $32 million
3. David Guetta – $30 million
4. Swedish House Mafia – $25 million
5. Deadmau5 – $21 million
6. Avicii – $20 million
7. Afrojack – $18 million
8. Armin Van Buuren – $17 million
9. Skrillex – $16 million (tie)
9. Kaskade – $16 million
10. Steve Aoki – $14 million
11. Pauly D – $13 million (tie)
11. Diplo – $13 million