The mastermind behind the O’ so brilliant “Animals” track (you know, “we’re the f**king animals”) is now the newest and youngest artist to sign with the Scooter Braun Project (SBP). For those that aren’t familiar, SBP is known for finding astonishing young talent and as pioneers in the entertainment industry, guiding these artists up the ladder into a successful career, which in most cases is well deserved. SBP has signed artists such as Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepson, Ariana Grande and their newest addition to the family is none other than Martin Garrix! Being SBP’s youngest artist to sign, Garrix is also the first EDM artist to come aboard within a split management deal; Garrix is also signed with MusicAllStars, where “Animals” was first released, which is a sister label of the Dutch record label Spinnin Records.

Martin was first introduced to the Scooter Braun Project during Miami Music Week through Michael George, who has now become Martin’s manager. Amongst their first rendezvous, Michael states, “there was just something about the charisma and his personality that really shined through me to me.” While building a manager and artist relationship, George states that when skyping with Martin, he was sent the demo version of “Animals” where it then became an underground track before being officially tied to Martin’s name in May. Since then, “Animals” has hit all time highs in dance charts worldwide and has become the track that every DJ plays in their set.

George and Braun of the Scooter Braun Project understand and respect Garrix‘s young age and have stated that they aren’t interested in booking him for massive amounts of shows or working him till he keels over. What it seems to be is that these two fellas, especially Michael George, caught onto a very talented young kid that is projected to go far. Instead of cashing in on him in the short-term, they want to develop a long lasting relationship with Martin that will last throughout his career; to have this young chap on your team when his sure fire career launches even more exponentially than it has now would be an astounding and amazing feeling and make for a great rap sheet.

It is rumored that Martin Garrix will be embarking on his very first tour here in the United States in February in which he will headline! And if your curiosity has been peaked, here is more information on the Scooter Braun Project!

Of course! What would an article about Martin Garrix be without a little “Animals“!

How Animals was really made!


Chris Wood