When concert-goers crowded in for TEKNiCOLOR’s NYE 2013 performance at Infrasound 3D in Minneapolis, no one quite knew what to expect from the never-before-seen “TEKNiCiRCUS” listed on the roster. While the festival boasted impressive 3D lightshows and other visuals, this particular show went one step further, featuring four live entertainers that danced and performed various circus acts on stage. After this successful premiere, the TEKNiCiRCUS has been a feature of TEKNiCOLOR shows ever since.

According to TEKNiCOLOR, the idea for the circus themed production developed organically out of the culture of EDM in the US.

In American EDM culture the new generation of listeners enjoy more than just the music. I was surrounded by individuals who share a love for not only the music, but a passion for artistic expression. Having so much talent and passion around, I saw the opportunity to bring together a group of top-notch performers to provide an innovative experience to the fans and the scene.

TEKNiCiRCUS consists of 4 dedicated performers, Bluu, Flo, Zacrobat, and Lux. Each member boasts over 5 years of experience with circus and other types of live performance, teaching clinics, etc. Together, they execute a variety of performance art such as poi, hoops, unicycle riding, LED juggling, tumbling, and acrobatics to accompany TEKNiCOLOR’s music. If permitted by the venue, the troupe may also incorporate fire into various elements of the show.

Working as a team, the group develops and practices new routines regularly, always seeking new ideas to keep the show lively and fresh. In addition, they coordinate these routines to a general track structure, allowing for the seamless insertion of new songs into the set.

The beauty of EDM is that everything follows a similar format. This allows the Circus to choreograph routines not specifically for tracks, but rather routines that will fit with any similar track structure. In doing so, I am able to maintain the diversity of my sets without having to develop new routines for every additional track in my sets.

While TEKNiCiRCUS illustrates exceptional innovation in its own right, TEKNiCOLOR hopes that the growing popularity of the show will act as an inspiration for the future of EDM live performance as a whole.

The trend of the scene in America is leading more and more to live stage performances. Having seen many of these performances, I saw an opportunity to take that idea and make it my own. As for the future, I think it will open people’s minds to the capacity of what a stage performance can be. People are already captivated by the light show, but when those visuals are secondary to live stage performers, it creates a more captivating and personable experience.

Having shared stages with the likes of Feed Me, Flosstradamus, Paper Diamond, and Skrillex, it’s clear that we’ll only be seeing more and more of TEKNiCOLOR. To find out more about TEKNiCOLOR and the TEKNiCiRCUS, check out his Facebook and watch the video below.