Due to the overwhelming success of the (RED) benefit in New York, U2 singer Bono and The Edge (guitarist) hopped on stage with Nile Rodgers‘ group Chic to perform an impromptu rendition of “Get Lucky.” Now I am sure Daft Punk would be totally fine with the idea of this, but what happened at the after party doesn’t pan out as well as you would think. I’m glad they had already raised $26 million before this performance, because I wouldn’t doubt it all if a few people weren’t totally feeling the cover.

Granted, the vocal performances were alright. but great? I definitely wouldn’t go that far. Especially considering the fact that Bono didn’t know all of the lyrics and ended up improvising his own when he needed. Vocalist Angélique Kidjo joins the party as well and halfway through the track she gets her own vocal solo that resulted in some sort of African chant/singing mixture. I’m not really sure how it fits in, but they just roll with it; I mean it’s improvised so that’s kind of cool. I’m glad this wasn’t a pre-planned “Hey let’s get some old musicians to cover a hip modern song” because that would make it even worse. I’m just going to give Bono, Nile Rodgers and crew the benefit of the doubt and hope they were just thinking YOLO.

Source: inthemix