Now this is some damn good house music; Drezo drops a musical bomb of nuclear proportions with “Surge.” He makes use of an interesting CPR sample that gives the track some crowd-friendly flair and on top of that it’s a little educational. Some producers trending on Beatport should take some lessons from this one.

Drezo takes a simple approach, but doesn’t overdo it like many people do today. The driving bass and fat kick control the steady flow that is just as continuous as your blood circulation. The low frequencies rule the song, but eventually the treble is filled out by some sensational synth and perc samples. The layering of the synth and bass is just too perfect. When you find yourself at the second drop you will be introduced to a new sound that you’ll just have to hear and appreciate. I absolutely love what Drezo did with “Surge”; don’t be surprised hearing this numerous times at the many upcoming winter events.