Armin Van Buuren’s brother and fellow musician, Eller Van Buuren, has always played a significant role in Armin’s career. You may not now this, but Eller has supported his brother throughout his tour, even performing alongside with Armin. As they were recently on their Armin Only Tour, Eller stirred up a little joke in the hotel room by saying how he wanted to produce each of Armin’s tracks acoustically. This was no joke anymore as Eller actually took the original music into his own hands and produced each track acoustically, which he then posted to Armada’s YouTube Page. With such positive responses Eller was inspired to master all of the songs he had produced, allowing him to present his first ever ‘Acoustic Dance Music’ album in Amsterdam this past Monday.

Armin expresses his enthusiasm and support of his brother’s project, mentioning how some of Eller’s renditions of tracks like ‘Feel So good’ make his music sound “sexy”. I definitely do agree with Armin on this, especially when you produce a track like ‘Feel So Good’ and other Armin tracks that have such a deep lyrical content that you can connect with. The ‘Acoustic Dance Music’ album opens your ears and heart to a deeper understanding of the music.

Check out the video below as you will see Armin talking about his brother’s music and how deeply proud their mother is of them. Check out Eller Van Buuren Presents ‘Acoustic Dance Music’ here on iTunes. Do you like Acoustic or remaining in that state of trace Armin Van Buuren creates?

Armin van Buuren – Armin van Buuren: brother makes my music sexy on MUZU.TV.