If you’re looking for a run of the mill release, devoid of surprises, twists, or turns, stop reading now. If you’re looking for a massive sub kick under one Nexus synth with some Vengeance preset wobbles, turn back now. This EP is not for the feint of heart.

OVERWERK has created something truly special with his brand new Conquer EP and if you know the slightest bit about me, you already know I’m all about dat electro. OVERWERK‘s genius sound design is cleverly integrated with excellent arrangement throughout this four track monster release.

The first tune, Rise, is absolutely electrifying. A definite must hear for any fan of complextro Rise hits hard, backed by an epic orchestral line. The bridge dishes out a nice dub reggae line which in theory shouldn’t blend, but in practice feels oh so good.

Force‘s bass hits like a freight train, pure and simple. It’s massive and complex but gives way to an anthemic melody, slightly reminiscent of Michael Wood‘s ‘Platinum Chains’. The melodic bits have a great counter balance to the complexity and heaviness of the the solo’ed bass line.

Control is without a doubt the stand out track on the entire EP. Featuring awesome vocals from Nick Nikon, Control has a bit of Hadouken/Pendulum vibe to it, but manages to hold onto the complextro intensity that makes this EP great. Solid lyrics and solid composition, this one is a serious attention grabber.

The final tune and title track to the Conquer EP is a lesson in heavy funk. It sounds like a combination of Far Too Loud with the musical stylings of Wolfgang Gartner. The bass is massive; what I affectionally refer to as a sub-destroyer, and true to its name it rips. 

Overall this is a phenomenal EP and what’s more is that it’s available for whatever price you feel is fair. OVERWERK has really outdone himself on this release, proving that he’s an act to be reckoned with. Do yourself a favor and check out his other material on Soundcloud and be sure to grab a copy of the EP here.