It looks like December 10th is remix day, because Pretty LightsA Color Map of the Sun Remix EP is set to be released on that very Tuesday. This release will join the Without You Remix EP that is being pushed on the same day. Pretty Lights gathered a monstrous crew of remixers, with names like GRiZ, 12th Planet, Opiuo, heRobust, Culprate, Eliot Lipp and Datsik to name a few.
A total of 16 tracks will make up the EP that will blow most other releases out of the water. Instead of having to wait to listen, you can stream the entire project now and enjoy the music before it is available for purchase. The array of music on this is major, but there are a certain few tracks that stick out in my mind. First it’s Culprate‘s breakbeat rework of “Prophet” which he turned into one of the most energetic tracks on the EP. heRobust took “Let’s Get Busy” and created a huge neuro-hop infused dub tune that bends the barriers of sound. Then we chill things out with Opiuo‘s classic vibe that he instituted into “Done Wrong.” All the other tracks are worth a listen, so make sure to click the link to the Rolling Stone exclusive and peruse through all the remixes!
Rolling Stone Exclusive Stream Article