The great Henry Fong and Makj collaborated this past month to bring to light a new massive Electro House jam that was released yesterday through Hysteria Records, “Encore“. Since its release, “Encore” has hit number 12 on Beatport in a single days time, and is still continuously climbing! It comes as no surprise that this track has almost broke Beatport’s top 10.

This song is so dynamically compelling, varying genres and elements, from Trap snare rolls to trance buildups, House breaks and even an initial Big Room drop which with all the commotion makes it hard to translate into words! So I have linked the track below for you all to have a listen and I guarantee you will be entertained and ecstatic the whole way through, if not, please let me know in the comments!

Lets shoot for #1 on Beatport!

Henry Fong & Makj – Encore [Hysteria Records]

Get it on Beatport!

-Chris Wood-