One of the many things Dillon Francis is known for is his outrageous online store. One item that can be purchased is Dillon himself, as a babysitter; which is just what a Denver mother shelled out the cash for. Unfortunately, when Dillon gets there to perform his duty, the fan is “disappointed” because he actually likes DJ Hanzel. Bad blood never turns out well in a babysitting situation, but it’s usually only one side who suffers.
The fifteen year old proceeds to break every rule his mother laid forth and even goes so far as adding insult to injury, but that isn’t before the boys friends all come over and join the hate. We thought Dillon was invincible but it looks as though babysitting is his one downfall. Maybe someone else can give him another shot? Or just purchase one of the many other ridiculous services and maybe we can get another hilarious video!
Dillon Francis Merchandise Store