Another milestone for the EDM community will take place at the Sundance Film Festival with the premiere of EDC‘s Under The Electric Sky documentary. The film will join 117 others at the historic festival that sees tens of thousands of submissions every year. Pasquale Rotella has been a busy man, not only putting together the various EDC’s, but he aided in the creation of the documentary and possible award show that may manifest itself in the near future.
The documentary will portray life just before and during the 3 day festival of last year’s EDC. Interviews with Insomniac members will take place along with a whole lot of other behind-the-scenes experiences. According to IMDB, the film will be available for IMAX 3D, which is ever so fitting for the festival that can already cause sensory overload. Let’s hope the documentary gets some awards from the prestigious Sundance that will further legitimize the EDM culture that we are living in today.