This popular image has been popping up a lot, particularly  from Spinnin’ Records post on Facebook last September (which was later deleted). Now DJ Mag got a hand on this photo in their latest issue as they consider this as just a little ‘joke’ for the readers. DJ Mag posted this picture in their ‘Rant N Rave’ column which also featured an anonymous writer who wrote her experiences as a DJ and how she was always scrutinized, and not being acknowledged as a talented producer. Sound familiar…?

Things are really stirring up as there is more commotion about how ladies are handling their own Pioneer set, or at least trying to, but we can’t speak for all of the women out there. As some ladies like Maya Jane Coles to Gina Tuner to Sydney Blu, and many other respectable women DJ’s that can tear up that Pioneer set with their eyes closed.

I have to admit looking at this ‘Ladies Guide To Pioneer CDJ-2000’ is pretty clever. Maybe if ladies follow this guide they really can pull it off better than Paris Hilton. Maybe Paris should have read this guide before her residency in Ibiza.