It’s a little surprising a Fox affiliate, in this case Studio 11 Los Angeles, would host an EDM superstar, but then again it is Armin Van Buuren we are talking about. The appearance occurred after a meet and greet that was announced on Twitter. With his recent Grammy nomination and the immense popularity of dance music it is no surprise that artists are being asked for interviews, even by Fox.
Armin’s short interview covered his recent nomination as well as his upcoming Armin Only – Intense show that will feature a variety of live elements including singers, light show, fireworks, dancers and even a full band. Speaking of bands (or a type of band) Armin played with the Royal Dutch Symphony Orchestra for his King and Queen, which is pretty baller if I had to say so myself. Even though the reporters are not confident in their understanding of Armin entirely, or EDM for that matter, the interview is actually good. I feel like the girl had the hots for Armin and the guy was slightly awkward; his face at the end tells me he was glad when it was over.
Los Angeles Local News | FOX 11 LA KTTV
I do have one complaint; EDM is not just four-to-the-floor!! Sorry not sorry Armin <3