Despite the Dog Blood collective of Skrillex and Boys Noize being on the road so much, they found the time to hit Red Bull Studios to finish up their second EP, Middle Finger Part 2, which was released September 16 of this year. Along with the studio session, video interviews occurred with the two producers as they were hard at work in the studio. Tracking sessions for recorded elements of songs like “Shred Or Die” are presented in the video along with their perceived roles in the group.
It is interesting to see this after the EP is released, but it goes to show, at least in part, how the process of creation occurred. Perhaps the most shown portion of the process being Skrillex shredding away on guitar like the rocker he is at heart. It’s nice to see and hear from these two superstars who have made significant contributions to where electronic dance music is at today and who will continue to push for it’s progress.