If you want to go absolutely bonkers during winter break, then you will have to be equipped with Le Catcheur, La Pute & Le Dealer‘s Smell My Fingers EP that was released via Jet Set Trash today. The four track EP is made up of three remixes and the original single that features Mr. Elegantz. The remixes come from Sawgood, RIOT 87 and Boston’s own IMAGiN8.
The original song is characterized by heavy guitar riffs and tight drums that pump you full of energy before the dirty bass even gets into the mix. No matter when the beat is in full or cut time, the hardcore essence is always prevalent. As if that wasn’t enough, Sawgood transformed it into some drum & bass and yes; cue the losing of your mind. More DnB comes from RIOT 87 who took the rock influence to heart by accenting the electric guitar as the main element. IMAGiN8 destroys with his electro house remix that will have you wondering why this guy has less than 1500 Facebook likes. I now will end with two things; a surprise music video and an inquiry for all of you. Will you smell my fingers?
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