Less than a day after releasing their extremely bass heavy Troll Mix Vol. 7Krewella unleashed the official lyric video for ‘Enjoy The Ride,’ the progressive house anthem from their chart-topping debut album ‘Get Wet.’ Now that ‘Live For The Night’ has been on the airwaves for a several months now, it’s about time they chose another song for radio play and ‘Enjoy The Ride’ is the perfect track for the job. Like many fans of the Krew, I see ‘Enjoy The Ride’ as the spiritual successor to ‘Alive,’ the uplifting synths, infectious melodies, and passionate vocals give both of these songs an insane amount of pop-crossover potential; Krewella is definitely on the fast track to airtime on Top 40 stations with their choice. If you don’t believe me check out this clip from a recent interview:

Yeah it would be nice to see a song like ‘Human,’ ‘This Is Not The End,’ or ‘We Go Down” on Top 40 radio, but let’s face it, those kinds of tracks don’t have nearly as much mainstream appeal as their other more house-influenced songs; it’s in their best interest to push the tracks that actually have a good shot of getting airtime so I don’t fault them at all for doing just that. Maybe one day bass music will be just as popular as commercial house (even when Skrillex was at his peak you didn’t hear him on Top 40 stations), but I’m definitely starting to question whether or not I would actually want that to happen at all. What are your thoughts on the matter?