Zane Lowe has named ‘Hiders‘ as his hottest track in the world. You should find out why.

Burial’s new EP contains 3 tracks and has certainly arrived as an early Christmas treat. It’s been almost a year since the epic Truant/Rough Sleeper and he’s back again, with all his usual trimmings and a side order of something completely different.

Hiders contains a very distinctive 80s sound and is probably his most upbeat track yet. The chopped vocals and piano creates a fantastic uplifting experience. Come Down To Us sounds every bit as transcendental as it’s name. The 13 minute epic contains a slow hip-hop beat coupled with a mystic sitar riff. The eponymous Rival Dealer boasts a rather 90’s vibe, percussion wise. Perhaps this is what would happen if The Prodigy or Underworld spent a weekend producing in Croydon. But the beautiful closing minutes shows that couldn’t be further from the truth.

Overall the EP is definitely one of his most interesting yet. The dark, primal, urban vibe is still there but the 80s and hip-hop vibes sound brilliant. Honestly though I’d expect nothing less from a man who samples everything from obscure British movies to The Stone Roses and Bon Iver.

The CD and vinyl drops on December 16 but you can buy it here:

Also, you can stream it here: