When I think of happy Trap, yeah that’s a thing, I think of my boy Wave Racer. But recently brought to the light by a friend of mine, Cosmo’s Midnight has caught my attention in the field of upbeat and happy trap music.┬áTheir latest release, “Goodnight” and “Moshi“, which can be found on their Facebook page as well as their Soundcloud page, (both linked below), combine traditional 808 drum samples from trap music such as: cracking snares, piercing hi-hats and massive kicks with an added funky/ soulful element in their production through the vocal and lead samples they use which lighten the mood from TRVPSTVR status, to an inspiring and vibrant feel that makes up happy trap.

We’ve all jumped on the TRVP bandwagon, don’t lie to yourself, but this new upbeat side of trap is a good medium between both soulful and hip-hopish EDM. Give a listen to “Goodnight” and “Moshi” from Cosmo’s Midnight below before heading over to their Facebook page! If you enjoy what you’ve heard, Wave Racer adds a similar touch which you can hear here!

Goodnight & Moshi:


-Chris Wood-