As with every third installment of Sunrise Sessions, we always strive to showcase the deeper, more peaceful vibes of EDM within a myriad of unusual and interesting genres. Truthfully, it was a bit hard coming up with a high quality release that wasn’t within the confines of Progressive and Deep House this week, but I recently received an email about a collaboration between upcoming EDM producers Just A Gent and Kasbo. Kasbo is an 18 year old producer who is ambitious in his projects, often dabbling in refined genres such as Future Garage, Drumstep and Deep House. Just A Gent, on the other hand, is a more established producer who champions a new sub-genre of Trap music that he calls ‘Lovetrap’ or ‘Chillstep’. Truthfully, whenever the word Trap comes up in any production, I always become a little apprehensive, due to the fact that there is a lot of bad Trap music out there. Since Trap has not had a chance to age as a genre, (unlike other styles such as Trance and Dubstep), there are many people who don’t have the maturity to produce meaningful, emotional music that connects on a deeper level. However, Just A Gent & Kasbo‘s collaboration of Sovereign is different; much different than anything that I have heard from the genre before, and it completely blew me away upon first listen. Rather than a one dimensional throwaway track, Sovereign is a complex, detailed work of art that taps into many advanced traits of musical prowess that many other producers often seem to forget.



Rather than letting the machines take over the entire piece, the duo actually incorporates some real instrumental sounds with piano and violin, which automatically creates a connection within the listener; almost as if it clears the clutter of the mind to crystal clear clarity. Beginning with a beautiful conversation between the two aforementioned instruments, it instantly sets the mood as an emerging string section communicates their melodies in shockingly vulnerable timbres. Smoothly transitioning into a very low cut Trap section, the piano continues its wondrous melody amidst an organically warping synth line and iconic violin stabs. Just as it begins to develop an identity, it fluidly changes gears once again; this time introducing some gorgeous vocals by Jon along with underwater arpeggios and fluffy pads as the energy begins to carry more and more momentum. What really blew me away was right at this part, as the duo releases the floodgates to allow a magnificent waterfall of pure, magical tones to burst out in an explosion of timbral virtuosity. Completely separate from the low energy beginning, this sudden rush of incredible, emotional tones completely takes the mind by surprise and instantly envelops it in a combination between raw, unbridled power and joyous, heartfelt drive that propels this track to a whole different league of its own. This track taught me that even Trap music can be wonderful, as long as its made straight from the heart, which is the most powerful weapon music has to offer.

Best of all, Just A Gent & Kasbo‘s single of Sovereign is now available as a free download, so click on the link below for your free copy! Tune in next week on Sunrise Sessions, as we check out the mellifluous vibes of True Progressive House.


Keep the music alive. -Q


Download Link:


Ed Note: While I did say that there was ‘bad’ Trap music out there, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the art of Trap is bad as a whole, as there are many tracks that are of high quality. However, one must actively search in order to find these gems and it is often rare to find someone with enough fire and drive to create original, meaningful content that transcends beyond the dance floor. Hope this cleared things up.




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