Miami’s Massive Ideas is a concert promotional team and record label making big waves in South Florida. Specializing in dub, breaks, glitch, drum and bass, and all relative sub-genres, this compilation will be a big hit with fans of the Colorado-based Pretty Lights Music sound.

The five track comp features artists from all over the country and is being offered as a “Pay What You Want” following the recent trend for music distribution. Just don’t be that dude that offers up $.01, he never gets invited to the cool parties.

“Ideology Vol. 1: Soulful Sides” showcases five artists from around the country, bringing fresh takes on glitch hop, future funk, drum n’ bass, and electro-soul. The artists featured on the compilation are: Wet Paint (Montreal), Ageless (Brooklyn, NY), B!unt Force (Houston, TX), Bombassic (Asheville, NC), and Warp9 (Miami, FL).

You can get a taste by streaming the compilation below, but what you really want to do is head over to the Massive Idea’s website and pick up these hot beats fresh off the line.