The man of the people, Deadmau5, is back to defend your right to party…. kind of. Recently taking to Reddit, Deadmau5 addressed the overpriced show he is to perform on January 3rd that is a staggering $117.00 for one night. After hearing the outcry of disgruntled fans, Deadmau5 took the extra step to call the promoter to slash the price from it’s ridiculous price to something more affordable. Being part of his birthday celebration, Joel was not a happy camper to hear that promoters were using the occassion to hike prices up to capitilize on the special time in Deadmau5’s life. But fear not, Deadmau5 is on the case.

Fuckin serious? this is how i end my year? dealing with promoters WAY overcharging for tickets to whats supposed to just be a simple / fun bday shindig? Okay. awesome. throw me under the fuckin bus, make me look like i’d have the fuckin BALLS to charge people 100+ after xmas and new years when everyones just SO LOADED with extra cash to throw around. brilliant.

there. it’s getting fixed. apparently “a mistake was made” yeah…. no shit. anyways. its being “corrected”. i got your back.


Read more from the Reddit thread (HERE)

UPDATE:  Ticket prices have been changed to $50.00 instead of the original #117.00, and a second show has been announced. Deadmau5 was successful! Woot Woot!