Imagine being able to make music just by doing different things with your face. That’s just the case with new technology from Max Ma, who has created Touchless, a new type of controller that reacts to facial expressions and movements in order to create music. The setup is based off of the Kinect and also features a Leap Motion controller to allow the person to play melodies along with the music.
The technology reacts to 16-64 points on the person’s face to trigger samples that manifest into an improvised musical composition. Besides for serious musical aspirations, the Touchless will be a great entertainment item that could potentially get very young children involved in music. Who doesn’t like funny faces, I mean c’mon? You don’t even need to use your hands either, so it is great for people who have a hard time with coordination. It is not for sale at the moment but the future will see this product on it’s shelves. There’s only one issue so far; if you have a beard then you will be incapable of using it. I believe you are safe with just a mustache though!

Source: LessThan3