Midtempo genres got me into this business. Records like the ones I have compiled for you today are what keep me going throughout the day and I know there are some of you out there who feel the same. Recently some epic bangers have been released so I felt compelled to share with you tracks from De Oro, Beat Fatigue, Prince Fox, Northie and a collaboration between Obsidian and Bazooka Joe. All of these tracks are freely downloadable as well!
PS. Shout out to Prince Fox, who released his track in celebration of 4,000 Facebook likes. To you, and all the other producers included in this article, we wish you a happy and successful 2014!
1. De Oro – Aztec Bass: Free Download

2. Beat Fatigue – Whoopi Funkberg: Free Download

3. Prince Fox – Car Alarm: Free Download

4. Northie – All City ft. Losty: Free Download

5. Obsidian & Bazooka Joe – Space Jam: Free Download

PSPS, pic is unrelated.