Today Mat Zo went on a Twitter rampage, uploading quite a few tweets calling out Ultrabar and DC club owner Antonis Karagounis for overselling their venue on December 19th. It all began when Karagounis tweeted out a response to Mat Zo’s question “Has anyone ever moved to Cleveland because they wanted to?“



After being called ignorant, Mat saw an opportunity to speak his mind:

Mat Zo: “Im glad this club owner called me ignorant, i was looking for him.”





Mat Zo, clearly upset, took Karagounis’ words to heart and continued to express his frustration on the topic of overselling venues, using Ultrabar as an example. After Mat consistently responded to and retweeted quite a few fan tweets supporting his claims, the two continued their back and forth for the rest of the day:





Similar to Deadmau5, Mat isn’t afraid to speak his mind on issues that bother him. Overselling venues isn’t a new thing, it’s been an issue since the very start, and it’s about time someone with a following spoke up about it.









Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you want to look at it) things started to calm down.















Karagounis probably meant no harm. Nonetheless, I feel like someone needed to say something about the issue. Did Mat Zo take it on too aggressively? Maybe, but it was the least he could do after what happened. Share your thoughts and tell us what you think about the topic down below.


Source: White Raver Rafting