We as bloggers come across hundreds of new artists each week. The true challenge is finding the good ones and fostering their careers into those we’ve seen from 3LAU, Krewella, Carnage and more. In 2013, I have had my fair share of goodies that I have been keeping to myself for the most part, however I think it’s time the world meets its next fourteen innovators in electronic music for 2014.

1. Stwo

Thanks to the superb marketing by HW&W, Stwo has exploded onto the scene in the second half of 2013. However, it’s what we have not seen yet from the French beatmaker that excites us the most. His darker sounds have already drawn comparisons to names like Kastle and xxyyxx, so it seems the sky is the limit when it comes to upcoming project for this new talent.

2. Vindata

The LA-based duo of Vindata is still in its early phases, however they made a big splash into the scene with their Paradigms EP a few months back. Sharing an agency with moombahtrap titans gLAdiator certainly won’t hurt their exposure in the future, however they seem determined to create their own path. As genre lines continue to blur, look for these two to step up in a big way.

3. Jacuzzi

There’s no denying this kid’s potential. After sharing studio time with Kanye West and Just Blaze, he exploded onto the radar last week with his debut Mizu EP, a hallmark of 2013 bass music. Very much looking forward to seeing what he does now that he has a little experience under his belt.

4. Bixel Boys

With their recent Snowglobe festival nod they certainly won’t stay quiet for long, but Bixel Boys are certainly one of Los Angeles’ best kept secrets. These two are on a mission to make the house in big room house actually mean something, by bringing back all the classical elements we loved from the signature sounds of the 80’s and 90’s.

5. Thomas Jack

The Viceroy-esque viber has already made a splash on the scene with his own tropical house take on the indie/alternative scene. Though he’s already stacked at 20,000 followers on Soundcloud, look for the young Aussie to take on bigger platforms in 2014.

6. Third Culture

In a year filled with genre bending and experimentation, perhaps nobody covered more ground than Third Culture. Though he is still in school, the young producer managed to take on big room house and ambient alternative alike and YE is very stoked to see how he progresses into the new year.


Hopping on the back of the trillwave titan that barreled its way through 2013, XOXO has created a sonic niche for himself as one of the subgenre’s standouts.  Since transitioning over from moombahton last year, he has already turned some heads with his takes on Miley, Lana, and more!

8. Manila Killa

“Art begins in imitation and ends in innovation” – Mason Cooley.
Never before has this quote been more true than with Manila Killa. Influenced by so many ranging from Ta-ku to A-Trak, Manila Killa is able to bend his soundscapes into something listeners from all across the spectrum can appreciate. He brings us light, tropical sounds on his Math Times Joy edit, Cashmere Cat vibes on his Lana remix, and the absolute thunder on his collaboration with AOBeats (also worth a listen) on “Ming”. Now that he’s a frequent flyer on the Hype Machine, look for him to fly even higher in 2014.

9. 28 Mansions

If you’re looking for the second coming of Ryan Hemsworth, look no further. San Francisco-based sadwave 28 Mansions made big news as he signed onto Sweet Shop earlier this year, now sharing a label with the innovators of Candyland. His discovery is small in comparison to others, but his style and personality are all in the right place for a big breakout.

10. Collin McLoughlin

Artist/vocalist/producer/DJ Collin McLoughlin is truly a Renaissance man. Since making a big splash on NBC’s “The Voice” last fall, he has barely escaped the studio, churning out production after production, even singing over his own records here and there. This All-American is absolutely the complete package.

11. Kygo

Coming up huge in the last bit of 2013 was Kygo. He absolutely tore both the interwebs and the dancefloor with his soulful, yet energetic take on Marvin Gaye’s classic and he’s backed it up with some stellar Ellie and Ed Sheeran tributes to boot. While most of Norway’s producers are out producing big room, he’s sticking to the bedroom.

12. WhiteSquare

Definitely one of those artists you have to dig deep to find, but the rewards are limitless. It’s hard to pick one song to reflect just how talented this guy is, but I believe his take on Mount Kimbie is his best work and an excellent place to start your exploration.

13. Budo

Much like Madeaux, a producer who just barely missed this list, Budo excels in deep, R&B-based underwater soundscapes. Each listen is an emotional journey that you can easily get lost in, however he’s got enough productions under his belt to make an entire day of it.


While I’m sure every blogger may be acquainted, it’s still a shame that E∆SY GIRL flies under most radars. His production style is unlike any other on this list or any other I have heard. Raw soul oozes out of your speakers when
his productions come on and while his Lorde and Miley remixes were big across the Internet, he still has a bit yet to climb.