Almost a year ago on OWSLA‘s Nest IV an EP from Child In Disguise was released to members and quickly became the favorite release of many on the service. Each song on the EP fused funk elements with glitch hop and various other elements combined with lots of bass to give each song soul, groove and an infectiousness that was hard to ignore.

And now Child In Disguise is back with the eagerly awaited follow up to the first EP that features more of the groovy and funky sound he is known for. The three original tracks here exemplify the catchy and original style of electro funk Child In Disguise has to offer. There is also the bonus of a deep house remix of a song from Vol.1 “Be It Now” by Wes Monroe which gives the original a real Soul/R&B flavor making it a fantastic remix. Pick it up and show Child In Disguise some love on Facebook with a like to download! You won’t regret it!

Bonus: Here’s a remix he did of a song from Samurai Champloo that’s also free!