During the course of 2013, hard hitting Trance talent Arisen Flame has been smashing the charts with his epic, cathedral filling sound and suspenseful, breathtaking melodies. The Poland native has securely nestled himself beside the powerful Armada team and his productions have been a noticeable favorite with Armin van Buuren, as well as fellow Uplifting talent Alex M.O.R.P.H. Since the inception of the Arisen Flame project in 2010, his successes have been closely monitored by Armin with singles like Gladius and Unity receiving heavy airtime on numerous radio shows, as well as being included in the prestigious Universal Religion 7 compilation series. His sound encapsulates the old school Trance sound of Armada during the middle period of it’s inception; with strong lead melodies and grand, expressive breakdowns, (alongside that iconic minor chord progression which has become a signature staple throughout Trance). Now, he sets his sights on a new double EP with a more mature sound that really showcases his improving skills as a technical, (and melodic), producer. Supported as the Tune of the Week on ASOT, War Of Angels hard hitting melodies and wonderfully expansive harmonies weaves a winding tale of titanic proportions.



Beginning with a somber, tech fueled bassline, War Of Angels mesmerizes listeners with faint prayers and mournful chord progressions before diving headlong into the awe-inspiring breakdown. Through the wisps of clouds and rain, the full force of angels being their meaningful war lament with the assistance of gorgeous block pads and beautifully expressive violins. For some reason, this particular moment speaks volumes to the listeners, as its Asgarian influences fully take advantage of creative cultural inflections that are carefully placed to add dynamism to its majestic, encapsulating character. The full expression of this piece almost extends into the realm of spirituality, as listeners can instinctively feel the power of gods, the despair of angels and the full magnitude of the battle that is raging on. Suddenly whisked away, a subdued melodic synth begins a journeyful sixteenth bar tale, (with Progressive timbres), as it begins its translation into a language that speaks loud and clear to those who embrace the redeeming qualities of Electronic Music. As snare drums and rising basslines enter the fray, the sound begins to grow in size and volume until the gates give way and the full might of Arisen‘s melody takes effect with incredible direction and taste. Its beginning chord is especially juicy and its lively, yet saddened melody flips between major and minor in a wonderful reprise of simple, emotional Trance.

Arisen Flame‘s single, War Of Angels, is now available on A State Of Trance via Beatport, so definitely go and pick up a copy today. Make sure to also check out the fantastic B-side, entitled Orion!


Keep the music alive. -Q


Beatport: http://www.beatport.com/release/war-of-angels-orion/1212759