As a true veteran of our beloved Trance scene, local talent Mike Saint-Jules has silently provided some of the most groundbreaking productions and DJ sets in a collection of styles. Starting in 2002, his journey has allowed him to work with producers such as Breakfast and Danilo Ercole and also allowed him to remix tracks created by Ferry Corsten, Perry O’Neil and Ronski Speed. With many producers quickly cementing their new found sounds to a particular powerhouse brand, Saint-Jules strives to keep the classic Trance sound alive while incorporating his own unique flair to his productions. Dark and brooding, his style reminds us of the fantastic Coldharbour sound with a sense of freedom and tribute, as his unique timbre implementation pays homage to the styles of Trance that many have forgotten about. His peculiar standing within the scene has garnered a cult status with many of the locals on the East coast, and his undying passion for quality, power driven Trance, (as well as his friendly, care-free attitude), has established an intimate, close felt connection with his fans, as he continues to prove that those who work hard and never give up will finally reach success. Striving to start 2014 with a bang, Mike has quickly unveiled a rare double EP of singles entitled The Final Frontier & Flying Saucer. With a flavorful selection of genre bending pieces, it is a fantastic 2014 release that is quickly solidifying his career towards international acclaim.



Mike Saint-Jules- The Final Frontier (Original Mix)

The Final Frontier begins with an incredibly low cut bassline to lead the charge in true minimalistic fashion, as snippets of dark synth snarls slithers its way throughout the pristine musical layout. With each spicy tech element providing a very compelling groove to dance to, Saint-Jules then expands the space around the piece by adding minor ostinatos, windy white noises and even more clicky accompaniment to add a touch of liveliness to the mix. In the resulting breakdown, a piercing melody strikes at the core of everlasting darkness as the murky basslines emerge to subdue the heroic lead. In true arena fashion, a bellowing melody resounds throughout the halls, as grand strings work in tandem with subtle choir to fully explore the inner recesses of space. Perfectly subdued piano adds a touch of contrast and elegance to the mighty church sounds as the piano prevails with a whirlwind of edgy, agitated noises. Building more and more with expansive string/choir stabs, it finally unleashes it power onto the resulting release, as its immense strength and resolve connects with glory, honor and beauty in its mighty state of absolution. Its hopeful piano lines, along with its intense melodies and the surrounding emotions of angst, moodiness and even frustration, creates a visionary collection of styles that elevates this release to a more satisfying and enriching Trance experience.




Mike Saint-Jules- Flying Saucer (Original Mix)

To offset the Trancier side of this release, the B-side consists of the Progressive House side of his productions, which has been growing in influence with his free singles of Discotech and The Champion. Even though he has been changing his style for fresh outlooks and new, creative opportunities, they differ from other artist’s attempts for two reasons. For one, it still maintains that iconic dark flow of energy that is customary to his tracks; an observation that largely goes unnoticed by others. And two, he still has a love of the older styles; which means it isn’t a choice made out of boredom/frustration, but of the desire to discover new sounds and hidden aural pathways. Flying Saucer begins with a slamming drop that is, (dare I say it), filthy in all sense of the word. Evil, malicious and sadistically twisted, the main bassline pulls forward with powerful Big Room synths and a heavy percussion section that injects some serious tribal-esque grooves to the mix. The breakdown pulls a complete 180 with drizzling, twinkling timbres as a fascinating combination of rhythms, sounds and inflections provide an original and even experimental hue of personality in its melodies. Saint-Jules then pulls in some cheeky vocals of someone with his personal experience of a UFO before a dose of emotion pulls through with striking piano and sidechained block synths. Claps, corrupting sounds, and increasingly erratic rising synths bring us back to full drive before the drop slams us with an assault of wicked, demonic sounds of unknown origin.




Mike Saint-JulesThe Final Frontier EP is now available on In Trance We Trust via Beatport, so make sure you grab your daily dose of Trance today.


Keep the music alive. -Q