In the 30 second preview released on YouTube by DVABBS & VINAI, they paint a vivid picture of mayhem and rebellion. Depicting youth of all ages running, fighting, throwing fire and, even being raided by a swat team. It’s really a cool video aside from the dope tune which is perfectly synced to song (notice the music while the girl is in the tub).

“Raveology” itself sounds like a mix between big room and electro house, featuring a killer melodic lead which really stands out. The only problem that people are having with this track is that is sounds eerily similar to “Hands Up” released by VINAI over 5 months ago…not much was changed besides better mastering/mixing coupled with some new variations and vocals before the drop. Either way it’s a huge tune that you’ll likely be hearing at festivals around the world during the first part of the 2014 festival season.

Check out the track and compare it to “Hands Up” for yourself. “Raveology” is being released through Spinnin’ Records on January 13th. As always please get the community involved in the discussion by commenting below!


 Raveology (2014) 

Hands Up (2013)