Well the Mau5 news continues. After Space extended their hand to Deadmau5, he took to Twitter interacting with people and doing Mau5 things. That is until 10 minutes ago. That is when Deadmau5 announced that earlier today he finished his album. The album will be not one disc, but TWO. That is two full discs of beautiful Mau5 music that will be hitting our ears consisting of 25 tracks. There will also be two continuous mixes. At the end of his tweet Joel said “And something I’m proud of”. The fact that he said that give me great confidence that this album will be truly incredible. There is no way Deadmau5 would put anything out that he truly didn’t love, he doesn’t do anything half-assed. This is yet another reason why we are extremely excited for this album. There is no official release date as of yet, but we will keep you updated as soon as it comes to light. Check out the tweet below!