Renzokuken: (連続剣, Renzokuken?, lit. “Continual Sword,” “Sequential Sword,” or “Serial Sword”) is Squall Leonhart‘s Limit Break in Final Fantasy VIII.” 

A favorite of many including myself on Monstercat, Razihel has released an amazing new electo house gem today. Known for his remix of Daft Punk‘s  “Get Lucky” and for songs like “Bad Boy“, this original is here to stand out on it’s own.

After listening to “Renzokuken”, it’s clear to see the inspiration he took from the game. If you’re familiar with his music, you might catch the video game inspired touches in this song. From the buildup at the beginning to the amazing guitar bridge it captures the spirit of the series it is inspired by; blast this next time you’re playing some Final Fantasy! Listen below and support on beatport!