This week we really get deep with some super vibe music from Stwo and Ta-ku. The first track, a remix of Aluna George’s Best Be Believing done by magician Ta-ku, is an experimental dance floor killa. Bed squeaks, Aluna George’s vocals, and Ta-ku’s signature space vibe make this track a slow heater. This track is not one to pass on:

This second track from STWO utilizes a slow sound and use of transformed samples to give off a melodic yet bass bumping beat that is for any mood. A tribute to 90’s rap group Three Six Mafia’s Sippin On Some Syrup, this take by STWO is great for any Bass, Hip Hop, or Electronic music fan. The melodic undertones make this a rare track that can be played before going to bed, at a big event, or just riding around. Best part of all? It’s a free download. Grab it here: