It is no secret that festival season 2014 is right around the corner. With EDM making a huge breakthrough in 2013, this year’s festival season is set to be one of the biggest we’ve seen yet.  From major names like Ultra Music Festival to Electric Daisy Carnival or camping festivals from Electric Forest to Wakarusa everyone has their favorite festie. They just do. But when it comes to deciding which festival people are most excited for, that is a decision you, our readers have to make! That’s why this year following the great success of our Album Of The Year poll, we decided to make a poll for “Most Anticipated Festival Of 2014”. It’s simple, all you have to do is make your selection and submit it. That’s all. Let the games begin.

Qualifications for the poll: There are too many good festivals to count so we had to impose a rule, all festivals in the poll have to be a minimum of 3 days.

Note: If we forgot to list a festival, please let us know in the comments!