By now, most readers would have stumbled across the widespread assumption that Electronic Music doesn’t take any skill to create and that it doesn’t constitute as ‘a musical instrument’ in any sense of regard. While it is true that the notion of pre-made tracks contradicts what has been customary for centuries, the ultimate power of computerized noises cannot be denied, nor can it be scoffed as a minor player in today’s music industry. Many Avant-Garde artists such as John Cage, La Monte Young and even influential Rock musicians such as Frank Zappa and Pink Floyd all have garnered a certain fascination with computerized sound throughout the later half of the 20th century, and have opened up new doorways to personal expression with an entire universe of infinite possibilities. With this gift of never ending sounds, along with a meaningful sense of 21st century freedom of will, the constant tug between adventurous ingenuity and genre specific familiarity often play off one another towards the ultimate mutual goal of musical progression. And while we are now in a period of hostile takeover with corporate money taking over individual expression with Mainstream EDM as well as Pop Radio, the vibrant, passionate path of expressiveness reaches a point of ability where they cannot be held back by rules or genres; just what their heart tells them to build.

We now turn our attention to one of those pioneering role models whose unusual, visionary outlooks crafts entirely brilliant and different musical possibilities. Currently residing in San Francisco, Brian Trifon comfortably sits in the shadows while his masterful production skills musters unbelievable quality/innovation in his varied works. Along with creating music for many soundtracks in video games such as Borderlands, Ghost Recon and the Assassin’s Creed series, he has been a clear asset for the legendary BT, as he worked as a programmer and guitarist with him on tour, as well as assisting through the creation process of BT‘s 2006 album, This Binary Universe. With the help of his brother, both of them created the Trifonic alias, which throws away genres, brands and expectations and simply creates music that fully represents the musical and psychological nature of their minds, as well as further expand upon the palette of varied timbral artistry. With elements of Glitch, Electronica, Progressive, Dubstep, and even Trap music, the duo manages to smash through traditional musical arrangement into something new and wonderful to the scene. One of their highly successful works was their single of Parks On Fire, which was a part of Trifonic‘s debut album, Emergence, and it perfectly reflects on the vastly complicated nature of their groundbreaking musical ideologies.



Already for the get go, Parks On Fire embraces the unusual and strange while keeping a strong and dedicated sense of direction and zeal. With a 6/4 time signature replacing the usual four to the floor mentality, along with a definitive Breakbeat style in percussional decisions, it then goes beyond those simple fixes and crafts an entire story that’s gift wrapped with a heavy blanket of prideful individuality. The brothers implement so many different timbral changes throughout the piece that it seems almost obsessive, as it paradoxically seizes hundreds of different sounds together for numerous aural surprises while also maintaining a manic control over each and every parameter of the piece. Pure instruments such as wood clicks, guitars, harps, glockenspiels and violins freely intermingle with an assortment of electronic thoughts that almost act as wisps of consciousness that swirls around the listeners’ heads. There are certainly different ‘sections’ within the piece and instead of showcasing a two dimensional painting, Parks On Fire is a fiercely complex three dimensional sculpture that takes time to appreciate each and every nuance of this piece. But what makes this track truly remarkable is the incredible reverse melody that is introduced in the end of the piece. As the melody reverses, it wonderfully clashes with the underlying track’s tendency to move forward through music and almost cancels the two out, creating a stasis of breathtaking clarity of frozen time that lasts throughout an eternity of full illustrative freedom.

Trifonic‘s single, Parks On Fire, is now available on Trifonic Music as its first release on Beatport, so make sure you grab this stunning masterpiece today. Make sure to check out the rest of the album as well; it’s quite a journey! Tune in next week with some soothing Progressive to start your morning right.


Keep the music alive. -Q






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