Get used to hearing the name Just a Gent in 2014. The 16 year old Australian producer has been putting a huge dent in a new genre that he is pioneering called “love trap.” His tracks are big, melodic, and completely genuine. His recent number “Sovereign” was supported by Skrillex, and considering the super clean and heartfelt quality of his productions, we are not surprised that he has been attracting such attention. 

Today we received the latest from this talented young producer, which is a remix of the indie rock tune “Sleepwalking” by The Chain Gang of 1974. The buttery beat of this remix is complemented by contemporary and vintage synth sounds and deep rolling percussion that give the track a very mellow vibe.

Grab a free download of the “Sleepwalking” remix below and check out Just a Gent’s Soundcloud for more from this rising star.