Quite a sad day for fans of Modestep today as two members have called it quits. Both Nick and Matt have announced their leave of the beloved group. While the remaining members are now down a drummer and guitarist, they have announced quite a bit of interesting news.

We’ve always wanted to be open and honest with you lot so here’s the deal:

4 years ago my brother and I began making tunes together under the name Modestep. We we’re lucky as fuck and our music got picked up by a big enough audience to allow us to travel and play to sold out shows around the world.

A year in, we took on a drummer and guitarist who have been vital to our live show since. Sadly, both Nick and Matt have decided that while they love the group, they would like to pursue their own careers in the music industry. We’d like to say a big thank you to them and wish them all the success in the future, we know they will smash it and we’re thankful for the three years of madness on tour!

So to put your minds to rest, we are currently in the studio working on a monster of an album, something we know all the true Modestep fans have been waiting for since day one. We will be touring this year as planned and we’ll be bringing along some new talented faces with usĀ 

Big love and look forward to playing to you in 2014

Josh ModestepĀ 


While the news may come as disappointing, never worry, Modestep will continue.
You can hear the groups most recent release, Inside My Head EP below.