Before this posts gets bombarded with comments stating this is hip-hop and not EDM, I would like to extend the inquiry, is there really a difference anymore? In production, a majority of rap and hip hop is made electronically and played out by EDM DJ’s all over the world. Influences from hip-hop have crept into EDM and vice versa. The lines are completely blurred, and Zion-I have been consistently on the  forefront of balancing this hybrid genre.

Right in the middle of their Masters of Ceremony Winter Tour, Zion-I (Amp Live & Zumbi) have released the appropriate Masters of Ceremony EP. The five track EP is available for free through Bandcamp but the committed fans can support the duo by purchasing it via iTunes here.

We for see this album getting some big remixes in the near future, particularly the tracks Supreme, Masters of Ceremony, and Danger Zone. The combination of Amp Live’s versatile production techniques and Zumbi’s unique lyrical rhythm provides Zion-I a distinct advantage toward making club friendly hip-hop that has previously been adopted by the likes of Bassnectar, Minnesota, Robotic Pirate Monkey, and Butch Clancy.

Grab the Master of Ceremony EP Below and check out the official music video for Danger Zone below.