Today, EDM’s grand master, Tiesto, turns 45 years of age. A household name to most, love him or not, his influence on the entire EDM scene is undeniable. With 2013 being such a huge year for EDM, we took time to recap Tiesto’s 44th year and highlight some of the influential moves he made changing the EDM scene for the better. Below are only a few of the achievements Tiesto made over the last year, and if we were to include them all, you would be here all day. Happy birthday, Tiesto, and celebrate accordingly because your 44th year was one for the books. Check out the highlights below:

Tiesto Lands Within The Top 25 Highest Paid Musicians 

Accompanying some historic names such as Roger Waters, Elton John and The Rolling Stones, are none other than Calvin Harris and Tiesto. Read about it HERE

X Games Unveil Line Up Featuring Tiesto and Axwell

If you’re not already stirring with excitement for 2014′s X-Games in Aspen Colorado, then you better perk up! EDM just made an invasion into the event and Tiesto is at the forefront. Read about it HERE

Tiesto To Help Score Upcoming Police Drama 

In an interview with Billboard at the iHeart Radio festivalTiesto informed us that he will be working as music supervisor for an upcoming police themed drama series. In the interview, Tiesto discussed how he will be working with Shane Brennan, the man behind NCIS: Los Angeles and CSI: Miami. Read about it HERE

Tiesto Marries Lucky Couple

A few weeks ago, Tiesto told us he would officiate one lucky couple’s wedding in Las Vegas. Believed by many to be a joke, Tiesto held true to his word and did marry Mr and Mrs Blaine Sullivan. You can see the couple with the rockstar DJ in the following photos. Read about it HERE

Tiesto Launches Deep House Radio Show

Do you really like Deep House? Do you also really like Tiesto? If you answered yes to both of those questions, there’s some good news coming your way. Tiesto will be hosting a 24 hour weekly radio show on his Club Life channel on Sirius XM. Read about it HERE

Happy birthday, Tiesto!