It’s human nature that like once you have something, you look back and you think about how good you had it. I wish I could go home and see my parents every weekend, spend the night with my boyfriend every night. None of us were saying we regret any of this happening, it’s that sometimes you forget that there’s like a whole other life happening outside your bubble. And then when you realize that when you don’t have that outside anymore that all you have is your bubble, it’s scary that you can’t get that back without leaving it all behind. We’ll never really have a normal life. – Yasmine Yousaf

“Human” was easily my favorite track off of Krewella‘s debut album Get Wet; all the emotion is just so raw and powerful, I couldn’t help but sit there frozen in astonishment after hearing it for the first time. Well my experience with the new music video for their chillstep ballad was really no different. Everyone dreams of being famous at some point in their lives: the attention, the lavish lifestyle, who wouldn’t want that? However, struggling to achieve this level of success can take a serious toll on someone, but most people in this industry would never let you see it get to them right? Well then again, Jahan, Yasmine, and Rain Man aren’t most people.

With all the smoke and mirrors involved in the entertainment industry, it’s incredibly refreshing to see that Krewella isn’t afraid to show the world their true colors. This four-minute video is merely a snapshot of their journey to superstardom over the past two years, but it still manages to say everything about who JahanYasmine, and Rain Man are as people; anger and joy, sweat and tears, good times and bad, these are all parts of being human no matter who you are, where you’re from, or what you do for a living.

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In my mind, one of the main things Krewella has always been about is being comfortable with who you are and doing what matters most to you regardless of what other people think. JahanYasmine, and Rain Man are some of the most “real” and down-to-earth people you will ever meet, period; if you feel like you know them already it’s because you do, what you see is exactly what you get with them and it’s such a beautiful thing. Yeah they’re popular for many different reasons, but it is this quality that makes them truly unique and allows their fans to connect with them on such a deep level; they’re really not that different from us at all and this video is a testament to that.

By releasing this music video alongside the launch of their Electric Family BraceletsKrewella shows us that their Krew is and always has been their number one priority. While many other artists would choose to celebrate reaching a million fans by releasing a free track or something like that as a way of saying thanks, it comes as no surprise that Krewella is actually using this as an opportunity to give back to the community that helped them get to where they are today. From the very beginning Krewella has always been about doing something special and different and this incredibly moving music video is further proof that that isn’t going to change anytime soon.

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