Always expect the unexpected in the house game. One of the most ferocious and widely talked about releases last year was “Wild Out“, the collaboration between Borgore and Waka Flocka Flame. Big festival electro drops dotted the original release, but the time has come for the remix package. Featuring the likes of Grandtheft, MUST DIE!, and Ookay, the whole package is available beginning January 28th.

This being said, one official remix dropped today as a free download. Coming from Los Angeles duo Boots N’ Pants, the group gives the high energy original a cool, deep funk edge. This remix marks down as one of the small, yet growing number of deeper house releases from Dim Mak, noting changes in contemporary house trends. There is lots of crossover appeal from this remix as well. The Boots N’ Pants remix keeps mainstream fans satisfied with the recognizable vocals, while enticing the cutting edge house fans and industry know-it-alls with the deep funk flavor.

Grab the free remix below.