Two days ago New York’s SANiTY released his debut EP entitled, #ATrainIsComing, through Swarming Sounds & Raging Rounds. A free download of the project will get you four original tracks and two remixes. From “Zession” to the collab with Kritty on “Homesick” you will experience various styles of house that show off the producers creative diversity. That diversity is shown further with his trap remix of Joe Brunning’s “Let Me See You Work (Twerk),” which features Deploom. His trap game is on point, not only with that record, but the next one “Hollow Fiends” as well. It’s much darker than the previous one, but it’s just as easy to dance to. To cap off the EP, we have a remix from Kapo of “Wash Yo Ass.” The 128 banger is transformed into a moombahton jam worthy of Nada’s approval. #ATrainIsComing is available for free, so click that download and enjoy 30 minutes of awesome tunes!
Free Download