In celebration of Most Addictive Records‘ 15K likes milestone, Serbia based producer Bone N Skin released a melodic electro freebie titled ’15k.’ You might recognize his name from his free collab with Skrux on “After Dark.” Today, Most Addictive Records released a Remixes EP for “15K.” The EP features remixes by Skrux, SirensCeol, and a “VIP” mix by Bone N Skin.

SirensCeol’s remix is an electro banger that slips into Dubstep madness after the break and concludes with a yet another raging electro drop. Melodic synths, crunchy bass lines, and crispy drums — it has it all. Skrux’s remix features his classic melodic dubstep style that we’ve all come to know and love: “super-saw” pads and, heavy, yet melodic plucks. Finally, we come to Bone N Skin’s “VIP Mix.” The track is an absolute electro beast that you can tell Bone N Skin went all out for. The tune features banging madness that’s gonna make you want to dance around like a headless chicken, which is a good thing! Check out the entire EP down below, and be sure to grab your free copy.