Just earlier today, Max Vangeli released a powerhouse of a collaboration with Danny Ray . The brand new track, which was previewed on Vangeli’s CODE Radio, “Grim,” features a hard-hitting beat that is eventually met by a chant-like chorus with a very heavy melody. From this point, the song builds into one saturated with pulsating synths and loads of bass. To expand on the release of “Grim,” which is out today on Size Records, we were lucky enough to get a few questions answered by the man himself, Max Vangeli.

1.) How did you come up with the idea for the song, “Grim?”

It sort of started with a sample of the vocal chant and once that was in place we knew there was something special for sure! Something unique!

2.) Who do you see yourself collaborating with this year?

Hmm interesting question, there are a bunch of guys we sort of talked about collabing with. But definitely a lot of vocal collaborations and who knows, I’m very open to ideas.

3.) Where do you see EDM going in the next 5 years?

I think it will definitely slow down because right now it’s a bit crazy if you ask me haha. But lets hope it only keeps growing.

4.) Who do you see being a break-out producer in 2014?

Well I’m going to hope for Danny Ray! He is a really talented guy and deserves to get some exposure this year.